Episode 3: Flow Series (Part 3)- Cindy Luquin & The Pill

In this episode you will hear the second part of our interview with Cindy Luquin and our discussion about the birth control pill and other hormonal contraceptives. We talk about the problematic history of the pill in regards to communities of color, as well as the ways it becomes overprescribed in a contemporary context. We also discuss the impact it has on our bodies and how it disrupts out hormonal function. We also talk the lack of comprehensive information we are given my medical professionals about the pill and its impact on our bodies. And lastly we discuss how this reinforces shame about sexuality especially for Latinas, who navigate the stereotype of hypersexuality.

Topics covered:

  • History of the pill

  • Accessibility of the pill

  • Black women and other women of color used as medical experiments

  • The documentary film La Operacion

  • FDA approval of the pill and its wide usage

  • How the pill impacts our bodies

  • Misogyny of the medical model

  • Hypersexuality of Latinas

  • Shame about sex and fertility

  • Expectations of womanhood, of what it means to “do it right”

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IG @cindy_luquin



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