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February 2019

Full Moon in Virgo 

Update: Que Pasa…

New Course in the Horizon: We are pretty thrilled to announce we have a new online course in the works! Because our energy is being focused on this new course, we have pulled down Reclaiming Our Cycles from teachable for now. ill

Semillas - A Collaborative Book Project: This is an exciting new writing journey for us! We are working with a couple other community members. Keep your eyes open for news to come.


Review: Reclaiming Our Cycles Teachable Class

An Introduction to the History, Theory and Practice of Menstruation

We are so proud to have offered our first course through! And, we are happy to say that it went well! We learned a lot about online teaching outside the university, and we got a crash course in marketing as well! Our goal was to introduce participants to: 1) the traditional ways our Latinx ancestors understood menstruation, 2) to how colonization demonized and sought to erase or co-opt these traditions having a lasting impact on our reproductive wellness, and 3) how we Latinx women and folx can reclaim these ancestral ways as a means of political resistance, as well as to connect to our own bodies. This course sought to introduce participants to practical body literacy, and in-depth menstrual cycle tracking.The material in this course centers the historical experience of Latinx people and other people of color whose ancestral histories are marked by colonization. We discuss methods to reclaim our ancestral ways in regards to menstruation, our cycles and knowledge of our bodies. We explored our emotional literacy around our cycles and flow.

This course had two options:
Version 1- (Full Course) including:
- 4 audio/video lectures⠀
- A comprehensive resource list of people, articles, books, websites, etc. where you can learn more about this topic.⠀
- 2 guided audio meditations⠀
- A writing prompt to journal your emotional insights⠀

Version 2-(Simplified Course) including:

- 4 audio/video lectures⠀

Ultimately, our work was to celebrate, connect, and reclaim our bodies in a revolutionary way. Thanks to those who joined us! Thanks to our students!

Ongoing: Las Doctoras Podcast

Bringing you online courses in race, gender, sexuality, spirituality, reproductive justice and so much more. 5 episodes now available!

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Come Closer: Our Lives


Dra. Renee

Getting settled into the rhythm of the semester,into the rhythm of the year. I am really committing to my intentions for this year, to focus on self-care, to making concerted efforts in my career trajectory, and most of all to speak my truth. As part of my daily meditation practice I pull cards from the Vision Quest Tarot which helps to give me guidance on where I should focus my attention for the day. A theme in the cards that has been revealing itself to me lately is to speak my truth, that speaking my truth will give me the freedom and space I need to make beautiful things happen in my life. So even when I am scared, even when old feelings of doubt come in, I remember that message and take steps toward speaking my truth whenever I need to. This has allowed me to be in such a creative space these days, which is bringing forward a lot of fun projects and brings so much happiness and fulfillment to my life. I can’t wait to share this inspiration with the world.


Dr. Cristina

This time in my life is so full of magic. I create intentional and present space with my 3 year old. I have to. I teach and I collaborate because it is my work and my joy. I cannot help myself. Art and writing are foundational to my everyday way of knowing and navigating my family and community in Long Beach. Mondays-spanish speaking co-op and DANCE; Tuesdays-teaching and evening with bebe and friends; Wednesdays- free day! Museums! Gardens! Climbing; Thursdays- teaching and DANCE; Fridays- morning at bebe’s school with singing and play followed by bilingual unschooling parkday. Weekends? TRAVEL!

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