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First Moon Workshop Series

Sundays 5-7pm

May 5- June 2, 2019

Location: TBA- Will be in the surrounding are of Long Beach, Ca

This workshop series is for parents and their children to come together in the discussion and learning process of menstruation as they anticipate this transition into puberty and adolescence. Parents will explore their own emotional connections or disconnections to menstruation using the methods of journaling, discussion, art therapy and meditation. Children will learn about menstruation both as a biological and emotional cycle of life that is not centered in shame or fear. Together parents and children will explore the topic through a shared experience of storytelling and ceremony. Ultimately this course is designed to celebrate this rite of passage by: 1)empowering young menstruating people with the information they need to be autonomous, self-determining beings; 2) creating sex-positive and body-positive language about menstruation; 3) creating supportive structures within families to follow through with these intentions and 4) to explore the practice of first moon ceremonies grounded in ancestral traditions.

This course will include:

  • Resource packet of information

  • Materials to make your own menstrual pads

  • Access to private Facebook group for all participants in the course

5 class topics

1) Emotional Unpacking (For parents only)

2) Stories from Our Ancestors (parents and children)

3) Anatomy/Body Literacy (parents and children)

4) Creating Ceremony/Make your own period kit (parents only)

5) Practicing Ceremony (parents and children)


What age should my child be to take this course?

We leave it at the discretion of the parent to decide at what age your child is ready to participate in a class like this. We believe children are never too young to learn about their bodies and their relationship to their bodies, but also recognize the limitations of children under the age of 9 to maintain their attention for 2 hours.

Investment for parent & child pair: $200

Price for additional child or parent: $50

Payment Plans or Sliding Scale available upon request. Email us at for more info on these options.