About Las Doctoras

As Las Doctoras we created a platform to bring much of the information we teach in our university classes to a wider audience. When dicussing the material we cover in our classes with friends and other people who cross our path, the most common reaction we get is "I would love to sit in on your class." And so we thought why not bring our classes to you! We are both PhD's who worked for many years researching, learning, writing, and teaching about topics and issues ranging from race, gender, spriturality, social movements, literature, and much much more.We hope this platform can serve as an innovative way to share all that we have learned in our academic journeys with those who also want to learn about these topics.

We are also very much invested in using this platform to share our educational knowledge with others as a means to empower others to participate in creating the possibilites of change that is so neccesary in our world. As feminists, as women of color, as Latinas, our ultimate hope is that through this work we can contribute to the dismantaling of white supremacist, capitalist, cisheteropatriarchy. In other words, our intention is to empower ourselves and others to work toward ending all forms of oppression.