My Credentials

I have a PhD in Ethnic Studies and work as a college professor in the Los Angeles area in the field of Women's Gender and Sexuality Studies. I also am a certified yoga instructor specializing in prenatal, postnatal and body positive yoga. I live in Long Beach, Ca with my two children and husband. Click here for full academic CV.

My Passions

I am passionate about living a holistic lifestyle even though I am not always the best at it. I remind myself it's not about perfection but rather about my commitment to making small changes everyday. For me a holistic lifestyle includes the way I parent my children, they way I interact with others, my relationship to the earth and the environment, my relationship to my health and my body, and my commitment to spiritual growth.

My Cultura

I am a proud Xicana/Mexican/Latina woman and the daughter and granddaughter of immigrants. My cutlure is a central part of my identity, as my life has always been guided by Mexican traditions, customs, and values. I also recognize the history of colonization endured by my ancestors and thus I am dedicated to serving as an advocate and a voice for my fellow Latinx people.

My Philosophy

Furthermore, both my academic work as well as my everyday life is grounded in a feminist perspective that considers how women as well as sexual and gender minorities navigate white supremacy, and cis-hetero-patriarchy that devalues, dis-empowers and dehumanizes them. I advocate for reproductive justice which calls for an intersectional approach to reproductive rights that particularly centers the experience of women of color and all marginalized identities. To that end, I seek to share the knowledge I have gained in my own journey as a woman and mother, as well as in my academic education in order to empower women and people to make fully informed decisions in regards to their reproductive choices.