My Credentials

I have a PhD in Ethnic Studies and work as a college professor in the Los Angeles area in the field of Women's Gender and Sexuality Studies. I live in Long Beach, Ca with my two children and husband. Click here for full academic CV.

My Passions

I am passionate about living a holistic lifestyle even though I am not always the best at it. I remind myself it's not about perfection but rather about my commitment to making small changes everyday. For me a holistic lifestyle includes the way I parent my children, they way I interact with others, my relationship to the earth and the environment, my relationship to my health and my body, and my commitment to spiritual growth.

My Cultura

I am a proud Xicana/Mexican/Latina woman and the daughter and granddaughter of immigrants. My cutlure is a central part of my identity, as my life has always been guided by Mexican traditions, customs, and values. I also recognize the history of colonization endured by my ancestors and thus I am dedicated to serving as an advocate and a voice for my fellow Latinx people.

My Philosophy

Furthermore, both my academic work as well as my everydaylife is grounded in a feminist perspective that considers how women as well as sexual and gender minorities navigate white supremacy, and cis-hetero-patriarchy that devalues, dis-empowers and dehumanizes them. I advocate for reproductive justice which calls for an intersectional approach to reproductive rights that particularly centers the experience of women of color and all marginalized identities. To that end, I seek to share the knowledge I have gained in my own journey as a woman and mother, as well as in my academic education in order to empower women and people to make fully informed decisions in regards to their reproductive choices.

My Advocacy Work

I am also a member of the Latina Mothers Collaborative whose mission statements states: We are a group of Latina women, mothers and business owners who love to work with pregnant and new moms, offering services that foster a positive and empowering journey into motherhood. We have come together as the Latina Mothers Collaborative to support each other in our businesses as well as to better connect with those who need and want our services. From birth workers to photographers, and everything in between, we hope to make our services especially available to our Latina community in Long Beach and the surrounding areas. We recognize the unique needs of Latina mothers, and try to offer services that are sensitive to those needs. Our intentions are to create spaces, digitally, physically and otherwise that will allow us to share that vast collection of knowledge we have gained through our professional training, as well as our experience as mothers. From our hearts to yours we open ourselves to you the community and hope you will look to us as dependable and credible sources of knowledge regarding pregnancy, birth and motherhood. For more info on us please visit